Environmental Statement

Embracing Sustainability in KAB

The Group is a firm believer in sustainability and is continuously reviewing, enhancing and adopting sustainable best practices throughout our value chain. We are convinced that the Group can grow in a dynamic manner while creating tangible value for our shareholders and stakeholders at large. During the year under review, the Group continues to update as well as put in place new initiatives that are in accordance to the tenets of sustainability within our organisation. The Group has always been mindful of the way our organisation and business operations impact the lives of our own employees, external parties, our environment and the society as a whole. When it comes to sustainability, the Group focuses on the three sustainability pillars of economic, environmental and social (“EES”). The Company’s Board of Directors is responsible for reviewing and approving the Group’s sustainability strategy and initiatives. As for the implementation and execution, the Board of Directors empowers the Managing Director to cascade responsibilities to the relevant Heads of Department within our organisation.

Identifying Material Sustainability Matters

The Group’s continued growth and success are based on a variety of internal and external factors. Each material factor or material sustainability matter is highly integral to the Group’s continued performance and comes with its own set of risks, variables and opportunities. In order to put in place effective sustainability strategies that can ultimately drive our organisation further forward, the Group has to first identify and understand these material sustainability matters. The Group then relies on feedback, insights and information from across our stakeholder community. The information gathering and assessment process involved various areas covering EES that are relevant and important to each stakeholder segment. Key sustainability matters were then identified and validated by the Board of Directors and Senior Management Team. The Group has identified four Sustainability Matters, namely Employees, Compliance, Environment and Community. These four areas will continue to be reviewed periodically to ascertain material relevancy vis-a-vis the organisation.