Sustainability Deliverables

We are making headway with our subsidiaries’ formation, targeting at the search of products and solutions which seek to deliver against the continual generation of excessive carbon footprint in our communities.

KAB Energy Holdings Sdn Bhd is established for an ultimate purpose – As we strive to put together a constructive operation for the many intelligent solutions we offered, KAB remains in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. 

We wish to benefit businesses’ environmental practices in a larger scale. 
Our sustainability deliverables represent a significant part of our true intention to attaining the three pillars of sustainable development goals: Economy, Society and the Environment.

Kinergy Advancement Berhad
Kinergy Advancement Berhad
Kinergy Advancement Berhad

KAB promises to deliver sustainable, attainable and customisable plans that work for our clients in the most beneficial way.

We are committed to contribute to the reduction of local, national and global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, waste and thermal energy.
Since 2018, we have been sharing this goal as part of our sustainability responsibility. Our approach to help reduces GHG emissions includes investing in verified businesses, solutions, technological machineries to offset the emissions which most have found difficult in eliminating to ultimately accomplish carbon neutrality.

Our Sustainability Practice serves all nationwide and even clients globally – address to the ways of improvement of their environmental performance and development of more sustainable methods of operation. These intelligent solutions provide an evidence base by using a computer-aided system to generate actionable insights. In return it goes beyond reducing carbon footprint, these implementations would enable one’s to make opportune sound decision about sustainable development.