Customisable Sustainable Energy Solutions Services

Leading the industry with our principal role as the Energy Specialist, we continue to keep ourselves active in field with relentless pursue for business expansion and operation diversification.

We are now recognised in the ENERGY SPACE as a Holistic One-stop Energy and Engineering Solutions Provider. 

Cogeneration & Waste Heat Recovery (WHR)

55% efficiency conventional coal power plants with 87% efficiency

Cogeneration and the WHR system are an evolution of energy saving machinery via power supply and fuel diversification – It is a process combined generated heat, gas and steam for internal needs or supplied back to the power grid. This solution of ours introduces a wise utilisation of renewables, traditional fuels and waste heat from industrial processes, waste incinerators, engines or gas turbines. Subsequently convert these multiple sources into generating electric, thermal power and heat into work. Our clean energy generation offers customised energy generator, designed to meet different process needs of our clients.

Measure baseload power

Capture wasted heat and use to increase plant's electrical & thermal output (e.g. HRSG creates steam to generate additional power)

Cheaper Electricity Cost

Attractive Return on Investment

Local Electricity Generation & Supply

Reduce Co2 Emissions Pollution

Extend And Reduce Investment Cost on Equipment Lifespan

Solar PV System

Sun is our greatest source of energy while Solar absorbs and preserves this very important energy source in the move to clean energy production.

Solar Photovoltaics (PV) System is a representation of a truly clean energy technology that converts sunlight directly into electricity using panels made of semiconductor cells. This solution is developed to provide businesses with sustainability successes and balance the cost and benefits.

Use of Net Energy Metering (NEM) to measure solar energy consumption

Solar panel converts photons from the sun into direct current (DC) electricity

Electricity generated by solar energy reduces the consumption from TNB grid

Financial Savings with Low Maintenance Costs

Self-reliance Energy & Eliminate Sufferings from Downtime

Maximise Peak Hours Energy Production

Reduce Environmental Impact

Intensify Future Technology Development

Hydroelectric Power

One of the oldest, largest sources of renewable energy that convert water into electricity with up to 90% efficiency

Hydroelectricity, also called hydroelectric power, is a form of renewable energy that uses the power of moving water to generate electricity. This process transforms potential energy into electrical energy. Provide a highly reliable, affordable and fossil-fuel-free electricity – more effective compared to other sources of energy. Hydroelectric also delivers a continuous electricity supply with fewer energy losses during the generation process. Thus, it mitigates major challenge-hindrance during electricity outages or disruptions.

Harness energy that comes from the flow of water through a turbine waterwheel

Hydroelectric generator to convert the kinetic energy of falling water into mechanical energy

Electricity to travel through power lines and supply power to required stations

Best Conversion Efficiencies Source of Electrical Energy

Produce Maximum Power Meets Peak Power Demands and Seasonal Peak Periods

Respond Quickly to Changing System Conditions

Relatively Low Costs in terms of Maintenance, Operations and Fuel

Low Cost Electricity and Longer Lifespan Over Time

Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions


A Waste-to-energy system that recycles waste materials and turn them into biogas and generate useful energies.

Biogas is produced from the breakdown of organic materials (plant and animal products) through a process called Anaerobic Digestion whereas Biomass is the starting material or the raw material for the production of biogas. Both are known as biofuels. This Waste-to-energy system will recycle these materials and turn them into biogas and generate useful energies. With little and no processing, biogas can be burned on-site to heat buildings and power boilers. It can be used for combined heat and power (CHP) operators.

Organic waste is decomposed in a feedstock tank through Anaerobic Digestion, producing the biofuel, also known as Biogas 

Biogas is directly used for combustion to generate heat energy 

Heat energy could be utilised as a final product, or further processed to generate electrical power through turbine generator

A Direct Replacement for Non-Renewable, Carbon Intensive Fossil Fuels

Low-Cost Technology that Encourages a Circular Economy 

Produces Non-Fossil Fuel-Based Fertilisers 

Reliability Rate of 95%

Support ESG & Net Zero Goals

KAB's Sustainable Energy Solutions Services (SES) target to create win-win solutions for our planet and clients, and a sustainable growth of our business.

*All our financial decisions comply with laws, policies, procedures and standard regulations.

Chiller Optimisation

Showing a positive and potential savings of up to 55%.

Chiller Optimisation is a process that optimises chiller plant and HVAC system through a data driven approach. This solution will strategise accordingly and customise specifically for all individual sites to meet energy needs for the best savings.

ChillerMiser connects to your existing mechanical equipment

Collect data from a network of sensors on-site (e.g. chiller sensors) and external data points (e.g. outdoor weather sensors)

Calculations will be done based on sensor's gathered data (e.g. heat & cooling load)

Real-time Demand Response

Efficient Energy Utilisation

Minimise Energy Consumption

Minimal Mechanical Interruption

Fully Automated Energy Management System

Building Management System

Energy can represent up to or more than 40% of all operating costs in a building.

Building Management System (BMS) is a centralised energy management software solution. This solution is established as a new approach to identify wasted energy within a building and to facilitate businesses to understand its own building electricity flow with comprehensive energy data insights. 

We are serving this service by partnering with Resource Data Management Asia (RDMA) who has over 70 years of BMS serving experience, 400 over nationwide project sites with more than 22,000 buildings under direct control and up to 220,000 buildings under indirect control around the world.

Monitor energy data insights from sensors and devices planted at clients' sites

Retrieve and evaluate server raw data

Transform into actionable information

Devise a feasible plan of energy management for clients

Improved Asset Performance

Reduced Asset Lifecycle Costs

Total Visibility of Service Delivery

Increased Productivity

Regularise Building Energy Operation

Accurately Forecast Expenditure & Operating Costs

Financial Framework Flexibility

As we stride toward making a significant transition in sustainability practices, KAB has developed a wide range of financing solutions via building intelligent solutions with green technologies. Assuredly, our ESG responsibility is duly established by our strong recognition on global concerns. Embedding sustainability deeply into our business strategy, KAB offers flexible financial framework for our clients to enjoy potential savings from these strategic approaches for their businesses, namely Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), Build Own Operation Transfer (BOOT), Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), or any such solution depending on our customers’ needs and the nature of the project. We target to provide business owners with solutions that generate minimal negative environmental and ethical impact on the global or local environment, community, society or economy – reduce carbon footprint and promote energy savings with zero capital outlay. 

Cooperating shoulder to shoulder with the group and our trusted delivery partners, KAB looks forward to expanding these new strategic thinking of energy solutions to indefinitely assist and support more businesses in this long-term and futuristic development. Moreover, to share these values and vision together.